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                                       10 Fashion Tips For Men 30 and Over.
By: Jody Morse (contributing writer for Break Studios)

Looking for fashion tips for men in their 30ís? Unlike many women who understand the rules of fashion, men sometimes require a bit more direction when it comes to clothing and accessories. Here are 10 fashion tips for men in their 30ís.

Buy clothing that is fitted for a man in his 30's.
Clothing which is too tight will emphasize bulges, while clothing which is too baggy looks sloppy and can make it seem as though a man who is in his 30ís is trying to act much younger. Finding out your real clothing sizes is a main key to dressing your age.

Incorporate color into professional clothing.
This is one of the most important fashion tips for men in their 30ís, because many business professionals become accustomed to black, white, and the occasional gray or brown. Adding a splash of color, such as blue or red, can really help improve a manís overall wardrobe.

Invest in a high quality watch.
Choosing a gold or silver watch, which will go with every outfit, is ideal for most men. Also keep in mind that men in their 30ís will look more professional in their work place by wearing a watch.

Choose the right hairstyle for a man in his 30's.
This is one of the most important fashion tips for men in their 30ís. Not only should the haircut be age appropriate, but it should also hide hair loss, which is very common for men to experience at this age.

Invest in at least one suit.
Even if the job that you have in your 30's does not require you to wear a suit, you never know when you may need it for an interview, wedding, or funeral.

Be sure to wear a belt to prevent plumber's crack.
This is one of the fashion tips for men in their 30ís that a lot of guys seem to forget about. A belt is also one of the best ways for a man in his 30's to accessorize.

Be sure to match socks to a suit.
Wearing white socks with a black suit or brown socks with a gray suit just doesnít look right.

Match ties to shirts when purchasing them.
Since many men end up with ties and shirts that donít belong together, this is one of the most important fashion tips for men in their 30ís. Also donít be afraid to try out some loud ties with unique patterns to spruce up your outfit a little bit. You're 30, not dead. Show some personality.

Avoid wearing socks with sandals.
Many men have become accustomed to this fashion trend because it makes wearing sandals more comfortable. No matter what your age is, it looks ridiculous.

Purchase clothes to wear at home, as well as in the workplace.
Men in their 30ís are likely to want to go hiking or kick a ball around with the kids in the backyard. Prepare to have clothing which is appropriate for these or other hobbies you may have.
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